TechMoat Consulting

Consulting Services

1. Get a Second Opinion on Your Digital Strategy

  • Digital strategy is difficult and the cost of getting it wrong is high.
  • We offer a fast, inexpensive “second opinion” service to help our clients check, adjust and de-risk their current digital strategy.

2. Exploit Digital Change to Grow Your Business

We help our clients grow their top line. Our digital growth services include:

  • Increasing customer acquisition and retention. What are the best tactics for attracting, converting and closing new customers? How can you more effectively manage customer acquisition costs throughout the marketing process? What are the most effective retention and loyalty programs for your business?
  • Optimizing pricing. Strategies, tactics and dynamic pricing can drive revenue and margin growth. But getting the pricing right is difficult in platforms, payments, auctions, and freemium services. How do you balance margin growth with user and engagement growth?
  • Improving sales force effectiveness and productivity. How can sales coverage, process, organization, capabilities and incentives increase revenue and maximize market share?
  • Improving marketing effectiveness. Find your optimal marketing mix to maximize revenue growth and increase your ROI on marketing spend.
  • Growing your omnichannel. What is the right mix of sales channels? How do you build a marketplace? Should you create a store of the future that merges online and offline capabilities? We help our clients develop strategies and plans to drive omnichannel growth.
  • Should you enter China / Asia? We are China / Asia experts and help our clients decide if and how to enter China / Asia and scale.

3. Crystallize Your Best Digital Strategy – to both capture opportunities and defend against disruption.

Technology is disrupting business after business. It is also helping current competitors rapidly transform their offerings and capture new growth. The landscape is changing and the cost of getting it wrong has never been higher. Companies need a crystal clear picture of their best digital strategy going forward.

We help our clients identify and crystallize their best digital strategy. We help them decide which are the best opportunities to target, which are the important digital threats to respond to and what are the best near-term steps to take.

Our digital strategy services include:

  • Digital strategy formulation. We are experts in digital strategy and help clients formulate their strategies. This includes identifying opportunities to target and capitalizing on significant shifts in consumer / customer needs and competition. For clients with existing strategies, we do due diligence and recommend adjustments.
  • Opportunity assessment. We help clients size and prioritize new business opportunities from emerging digital tools, technologies and business models.
  • Building new digital businesses as internal startups. We help clients create new businesses as virtual startups within large companies, leveraging content, customer relations, technology and experiences.
  • Digital strategy due diligence. We help clients evaluate M&A and investment candidates. Our strategy analytics help investors make better deal decisions.

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